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Guelph Stove Company Employees 1957  
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Title: Guelph Stove Company Employees 1957
Name of Object: Photograph
Classification: Costume 1950s
Category: 8: Communication Artifact
Sub-category: Documentary Artifact
Medium: Paper, Photographic
Accession Number: 1999.42.3
Culture: Canadian
Earliest Production Date: 1957
Latest Production Date: 1957
Absolute Date: June 1957
Description: Black and white panoramic view of 6 rows of employees standing and sitting in front of a group of buildings. The front row of men are sitting. The rest are standing. There are three women in the back row. Lawn around buildings is well manicured.
History of Use: The Guelph Stove Company business was started in 1897 and was incorporated as the Guelph Stove Company in 1904. The initial owners were, Dr. Reid, Mr. Frank Nunan, Mr. Christian Kloepfer, Mr. Joseph Brown and Professor Doherty. The early products were the "Idea" steel stoves adn ranges, and the "Kelly" hot air and combination furnaces. In 1908, the T. Eaton's Company began to purchase stoves from the Guelph company. The foundry was located on Paisley Road until 1929, when a new foundry was built at York Road and Victoria Road. In 1919, Eatons purchased the company. The Guelph Stove Company was sold in 1964 to Studebaker when Eatons was liquidating its manufacturing interests. In 1968, the Guelph Stove Company was sold to White Consolidated Company, Ltd., which is the parent company of RESCO which is located on the former Guelph Stove Company site. The plany comprises a four-story brick factory, fitted with modern machinery, well appointed molding and pattern shops, and a spacious store house, covering in all about a city square.In 1957, Fred A. Simpson was the manager of the Guelph Stove Co., which was located at 490 York Road, at the corner of Victoria.
Unit-Linear: cm
Institution: Guelph Museums
Institution City: Guelph
Institution Province: Ontario

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