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Summary "Darwin Core"

Darwin Core (DwC) is a "profile describing the minimum set of standards for search and retrieval of natural history collections and observation databases". Darwin Core is one of a series of tools developed for The Species Analyst, a research project "developing standards and software tools for access to the world's natural history collection and observation databases"2 which is based at the University of Kansas Natural History Museum and Biodiversity Research Center. As noted on the Darwin Core Web site, "there is a commonality in the content of almost all collection and observation databases which may be exploited to perform ordered search and retrieval from these diverse data sets. The Darwin Core attempts to provide a set of guidelines for addressing this commonality regardless of the underlying mechanism for storing the record content". Available in English only.
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Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN)
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Darwin Core Task GroupBiodiversity Information Standards - Taxonomic Database Working Group (TDWG)
Collections Management > Standards
Standards and Best Practices
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Natural Sciences
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